An exceptional digital agency.


Strong brand Identities.

If you look around your industry, you’ll notice that most of the companies look and sound the same. We’ll make sure you’re noticed and remembered.

Digitally evolved.

We’re equipped to assist with all areas of digital technology. From full-service digital marketing and support to web application development and security.

Intelligence driven.

We want to have a genuine impact on each business we work with, using data and technology to our advantage. 

Extensive digital services.

This is how we can help you.


Forward thinking companies.

We work with most industries but are especially keen to partner with ecommerce, social purpose organisations, CICs and businesses who aim to become the leaders and challengers of the status quo. 

This can be in terms of inclusivity, sustainability or any other valuable social cause. The trick is, making a valid effort to be a company that aspires to do good rather than one that sees the cause as a badge to parade at fashionable times of year. No woke-washing allowed here. 

Our ideal industries are listed below. These are where we could have the most impact but either way, get in touch if you have any questions.

About us.


Christopher-Robin Lamont

Many years ago, I set up weAreMonumental in an effort to reach my potential and build an exceptional team. After over a decade in marketing, web design and development, with experience in helping businesses from struggling companies and well established high-street giants, we can have impact on most businesses. 

Never one for tick-box approaches, my preference is helping businesses with B-Corp style values and ones that are serious about their goals, rather than the badges that come with them.

You can speak to me directly by clicking the button below and booking in to my calendar. 

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