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Ecommerce SEO company.

weAreMonumental SEO solutions are purpose-built to meet your needs, a bit like a tailored suit. Sure, you can get the cheaper one from the supermarket and pay for your lunch at the same time but really, something built to fit your frame that makes you look your best, in colours that match your complexion is where it’s really at. Speaking from experience.

Unique needs.

It’s what benefits our clients the most. We understand that your business is unique and your requirements or goals don’t necessarily fit into a “package” for a fixed fee per month. Everything we do, is built around you.

Increase sales.

You may have noticed a lot of these cheap packages for sale online but what works for one, might not work for another. Our strategies are based around you, evidence and years of proven experience and our team are here to guide your to success.


We have years of proven experience and the skills to deliver successful SEO campaigns, which is exactly what you’d hope for from an ecommerce SEO company. Having ranked hundreds of websites for many thousands of search terms, we know exactly what we need to do. 


Great Results.

E-commerce SEO is great for online sales, brand awareness and lead generation. Our expert team can get you the results you’re looking for. It’s important to consider SEO for any website, it puts you in front of customers when they’re searching for your specific products or services, a bit like the queue at Greggs on your lunch break.


Return on investment.

Your website is a huge investment, you may as well use it to its full potential as an effective marketing tool. Let’s get your online business in front of more potential customers to generate a return on that investment. Not just for now either, for the long term.


Rank in search engines.

Our Ecommerce SEO services will move your website toward the top of search engine results. We can rank your product or service, increase conversion rates and help you leave your competitors for dust. Think of this moment right here as revving your engine at the traffic lights, clicking the button below will accelerate your success.

Ecommerce digital marketing agency.

We can provide fully integrated marketing services to help your online business to rank in Google, develop an earth shattering strategy and build exceptional ecommerce sites that drive sales. We’re very well positioned to help you win more business, increasing sales revenue and profit and making your job easier. 

an image of a well designed ceiling structure to represent an interdependent ecosystem

Search engines are one thing but even better if you’re ranking with a brilliant website. We’ve built 100s of ecommerce sites and chances are, we’ll be able to build yours too.

We can help with everything from checkouts and customer experience all the way through to syncing your online shop with marketplaces using marketing automation services.

Ecommerce PPC services.

Paid search / advertising can accelerate the success of your online store. Step up your game using all-inclusive PPC campaigns to reach your sales targets.

As massively experienced marketers, we optimise and manage the full PPC ecosystem, including Search, Shopping, YouTube, Social media and display advertising..

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ancient walls representing building an ecommerce presence

Our team has decades of combined experience in ecommerce marketing as both marketing team members and shop owners. We’re also experts in human computer interaction and can develop high converting user experiences.

We know what it takes, the problems you might need help with and the tools to get the job done. 


Transparent ecommerce SEO company.

We start by taking a look at your business’ visibility online. This includes your existing keyword rankings, if any at all, and we use that to build a plan that aligns with your search engine marketing goals. After analysing your website, we’ll understand your opportunity and the level of competitiveness in your industry. From there, we’ll match you with the keywords for the job. 

Intelligent keywords.

Not just any old keyword will do, we need search terms that you stand a chance of ranking for that could lead to winning more potential customers. This is the basis of your Ecommerce SEO strategy. From that point on, we’ll start building your online presence with brilliant content.

Spam free.

We’ll keep you informed with monthly reports and by that we don’t mean anything confusing, you’ll see what you’re ranking for and how much it’s increasing month after month. You’ll be able to see for yourself how your SEO campaign is going and understand where it’s leading to.

Stay informed.

At every step of the process, we’ll keep you well informed of what we’re working on and the reasons why, giving you access to our client portal. There are too many SEO agencies that miss the most important part of these services; transparency

Ecommerce platforms we work with.

Your online presence is central to your success in ecommerce. Our experienced team of ecommerce web designers and developers is here to support you on your journey towards growth. Helping you to have an impact. Alongside standard marketing tools there are the platforms we build sites for. 

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Competitor analysis.

They say you can spend too long looking at your competition, if you’re eyes are sore, it’s probably a good time to blink. It can be distracting and you might develop a feeling of inadequacy. You know, like Instagram and everyone’s holiday pics, why aren’t you in the Bahamas? We’ll closely monitor competitors for you and pick off opportunities to increase your rankings. Your online shop will benefit greatly from a close look at your industry, the sector and where you’re best placed for success. We’re the agency to do that for you.

Technical SEO Audits.

Slow websites are a bit like public transport, it’s always running late and if there’s a faster option, you’ll probably take it so long as it doesn’t involve a donkey. Faster sites usually win but speed is just one factor, there’s also external and internal links and image optimisation to worry about too. We’ll make sure you measure up to Google’s core web vitals. This increases your chances of ranking, organic traffic and improving online visibility. If you think about it, it’s all about providing a quality experience for your target audience. A poor website is a bit like a jumble sale, a lot going on but it’s really hard to find what you’re looking for.

Keyword research.

Without careful and well considered keyword research, you don’t have a goal or any directions to getting there. It’s a bit like leaving your house and wondering why you aren’t where you wanted to be, wearing flip flops in a waterlogged field. It’s the backbone of our content creation efforts. Without keyword research, it’s impossible to know what to expect from search engine rankings. Happy accidents do exist, so we’re told but we prefer taking charge and heading in the right direction, ideally with a map.

Search engine algorithms.

As much as we’d love be mind readers, nobody actually knows what Google is thinking, which is probably a good thing as it knows more about you than you do. We keep a close eye on search engine algorithm updates to make sure your sites are in a good position to maintain organic rankings when the updates come into play.

High performance content creation.

We’re a content creation agency at heart. It’s our first love and nothing will replace it. Everything we do revolves around outstanding communication, no mumble rappers here and we speak in a language your customer will understand. With a team of highly qualified marketers with specialisms in cognitive sciences, linguistics and communication, we’re a bunch of nerds but also, the advantage you need to increase revenue.

Ecommerce SEO packages built around you.

A bit like suit trousers, one size does not fit all. The same size might not even fit after dinner. A purpose-built, custom job is always better. Instead of randomly offering custom ecommerce SEO packages without knowing what you need, we’d rather find out more about you first and build something to complement your current position.

Frequently asked.

We have years of proven experience and the skills to deliver successful SEO campaigns, which is exactly what you’d hope for from an ecommerce SEO company.

Search engine optimisation is not a one-time thing, you can’t just set it and forget about it. We’ll implement an SEO strategy across your whole site with exceptionally optimised content. It not just a case of inputting keywords onto relevant pages, it involves, site architecture, page speed, customer experience internal and external links and so much more.

It’s a bit like asking if you need a plumber to fix a leak. You could cut off a sleeve from one of your old hoodies and wrap it around the pipe with some duct tape and it might be okay. It’s still a much better idea to hire a plumber though, they actually know what they’re doing. If you don’t have the skills or resources at your company, it’s a very good idea to contact a professional instead of risking a DIY job. It’s possible to do more harm than good.

We have years of experience in delivering successful campaigns to ecommerce businesses, you’re in safe hands.

It’s probably the second best source of inbound leads after word of mouth referrals. You win search engine traffic through trust. 

A consistent presence will take brand awareness to a whole new level and word can spread quite quickly. It’s a chance to demonstrate that you’re a leader in your industry as it’s not just you saying it as you can include PR and customer reviews too.

Yes. Yes they can and we can prove it too. It’s a weird misconception but we’ve heard it many times before. Some might say that it’s not possible to rank for branded terms but we’re happy to confirm that they’re wrong and some of our clients are generating significant revenue from branded ecommerce SEO campaigns.

You could. In the same way you could order a circular saw from the internet and give lumberjacking a go.

Unless you have the skills and experience yourself you’ll be better off hiring a professional that actually works with the tools and has experience solving the problem.

Absolutely. It needs to be aligned with your business goals and you need to understand that it’s not just about ranking for some keywords but an intelligent content marketing strategy. We’d probably emphasise user experience over everything as that’s what gets the results and drives revenue. 

They click through to your site, understand what it is you’re selling from product descriptions, add an item to their basket and checkout. Each stage needs to be seamless.

It starts with intensive audits of your site and pages so we can understand your current SEO performance, which is our baseline.

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