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Memorable experiences.

They say it’s not about products and services anymore but about experiences instead. Imagine a coffee shop under the Northern Lights, at night time with the warmth of a log fire.

Catch feelings.

You’d remember that forever and you’d probably tell everyone you know and share pictures on social media too. Brilliant experiences make people talk, they’re engaging and do the talking for you. We’re an experiential marketing agency and we’ll help you design the best customer experience for your product or service, giving your customers moments they’ll remember for a long time.

Immersive experiences.

We can’t all be selling coffee under the Northern Lights, as much as we’d love to be, but we can make the most of what we have and create immersive experiences for our customers. We can make this a reality.

Brands that connect.

Marketing activity can be seen as a bunch of tick-boxes. ‘We really must be posting on social channels every day, it’s what our competition is doing,’ but it’s not about doing something because someone else is, it’s about prodding your audience in the amygdala, their heart strings with fully immersive experiences. People love brands with personality, businesses that talk like people and have a positive impact on the world around them, sharing their beliefs and interacting directly with them as individuals.

Brands that stand for something and care about the world around them make people feel empowered, validated and they have powerful stories to tell through the actions they commit to. Creating a multisensory experience isn’t easy, it requires great story telling at a minimum. We’ve been crafting brilliant stories for years that continue to win both hearts and minds and encourage action around the country.


Experiential marketing campaigns.

Experience is a level up from buying and owning a thing. It’s the holiday you’ll never forget, the smell of coffee in the morning and the taste of the most amazing Sunday dinner surrounded by your family. It’s marketing on a fully immersive level.

weAreMonumental are a team of marketing wizards (without the massive beards) who bring the brightest and most creative ideas to the table. We’re veterans in content marketing, experts in engagement and educated to doctoral level in human behaviour. We’ll be distributing your message across marketing channels, each leaving its own positive shockwaves across your target market.

The marketing industry is filled with fluff and nonsense and to tell you the truth, we’d find it hard to pick an agency too. You’re looking to build a marketing strategy in an area that we’re very successful, so get in touch today and we can work out if we’d be a good fit for one another. We’ll tell you if we can’t do it but it’s quite likely that we can. We’ll connect the dots between you, your consumers and their emotions, that human connection.

large side of attractive building to represent standing out.

Social media marketing.

Social media campaigns are an important part of any marketing strategy. It’s here that you’re likely to see the immediate impact and start to develop awareness in wider audiences, once your product catches a buzz. Your brand experience could be a pop up igloo, where consumers can watch the stars or a virtual reality workshop open for everyone in London. The idea is to let people see, feel, smell and put life into perspective. The full experience, perfect for generating viral attention without having to resort to weird cat videos. 

Experiences and ideas won’t achieve anything unless people know about them, building a buzz that leads to a lasting memory, that multisensory experience or idea that hits home. We’re a PR marketing agency and will build the buzz for your project, with customers featuring in national news, our team has everything you need to get results.

Product sampling.

You could start with product sampling events to build a list for the main course. Imagine you’ve made the greatest tacos known to man, with the hottest chilis on the planet, challenging your audience to tolerate the buzz on TikTok and social channels until you finally launch your event. It’s no longer a chilli tingle on their taste buds, it’s generating a buzz for your brand. These ideas are just examples. We’ll build an experience that your customers will remember and do the talking for you. 

Human experiences.

Your company will do well to create a human-like presence on all platforms in person and online. Great results come from both positive, digital and physical experiences that can influence customer behaviours. We’re at an advantage as our team are highly qualified in psychology, behavioural neuroscience and human computer interaction. Our unique range of skills and experiences means we can have an impact, where other can’t.

a photo of walls with a gap in the middle, an entrance to a social space.
an image of walking through an underpass to represent the process of product development.

If only product launches were easy. You create the amazing thing, wrap it in brilliant design and stick on your website for nothing but tumbleweed. We run product launch services that will help your company go from production to expansion, from a whisper to a voice that takes centre-stage. You’ll be heard because we’ll amplify you, our core services exist for that purpose.

Who we work with.

As a creative agency, we can have an impact on most businesses, most could benefit from an experienced based solution. Alongside experiences, our clients use the fact we’re also a digital marketing agency, full integrated to deliver a great range of marketing and communications services. We like brands with stories to tell, causes they care for and an ethical approach to business. The ideal customer is in consumer brands or business services, from retail and ecommerce, through to SaaS, technology and healthcare.

If you’re not sure if you fit the bill but you’re a company that’s generating revenue, seeing some success and want to capitalise on it, get in touch anyway. If we can’t help, we might know someone who can. We’re also open to hearing from fully funded start-up companies.

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