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Automate your marketing efforts.

Repetitive tasks take up too much valuable time. It’s both true and obvious to most business owners. There’s a high chance your marketing team is wasting a significant amount of time that could be better used elsewhere, you know, like winning more business? 

Reduce human error.

A lot of companies haven’t fully embraced it yet and there’s a lot of misconceptions about automation anyway. Do we really need bots, website scrapers and tools moving data from a to b or email sequences and workflows? Use correctly, these can be amazing and we’ll help you make the most of them.

Marketing automation strategies.

A business has costs and these are usually in two currencies; time and money. A lack of either can get in the way of business growth and if you’re a small business, it can make for a very stressful environment.

Becoming automated.

Using automation, we’ll optimise your marketing efforts and address that imbalance. You’ll see an increase in productivity and it might even improve employee wellbeing and the health of your bottom line too.

Create time.

Think about it, your team will have more time to focus on the important parts of their jobs. This means they’ll be more efficient and your automated processes will lead to more conversions and a happy sales team. As a rule, if you’re finding that a single task is repeated multiple times in the same day or draining hours from someone’s week, occupying valuable time, we can get you that time back.

Marketing automation services.

It’s not just email marketing but that is a part of it on the prospecting side, we’re mostly looking to make your jobs easier and to engage your audience with a personalised experience. The more personalised an experience is, the better the conversion rate so long as it’s not weird, ‘I saw your Insta post, I love that restaurant.’ We’ll also help you take control of your data, make sure any fields are updated in your CRM, ensure tasks are created when others are complete and keep your customer data in order.


Generate data.

You may have been involved in buying data, starting email sequences and cleaning up bounces, rinsing and repeating that process to realise that after only 3 months, 25% of your leads are out of date. We can automate that process, from email validation through to generating targeted data of your own where each lead can fall into a sequence of based on criteria. If that sounds confusing, don’t worry too much, it just means data of a high quality that doesn’t require too much work that receives personalised messaging.

Leads can be captured using forms from your website, events, chatbots and social media pages. This data needs to appear in CRM or ERP systems with tasks to follow up. It could also pass through marketing automation tools like Marketo, Encharge or Automizy. We’re fairly handy with most CRM systems and marketing automation platforms, they all work in similar ways. The point is, this data needs to be synchronised across all platforms.


Capture leads.


Convert sales.

Once you’ve got the data you can run it through a process or sequence. This can be a personalised approach based on user behaviour that we can track on your website and online presence. Once a lead meets a certain set of criteria, it will receive some contact or a task will be assigned to one of your sales team to follow up. It sounds complex but it’s just a thoughtful process and we’re happy to help you build it.

Sometimes they don’t buy. It’s a sad fact but you can’t win them all, you’re not Chuck Norris, nor are we. As marketers, we’re told ‘no’ or ‘maybe in 6 months?’ a lot of times over before we eventually arrive at a happy sequence of nods and a purchase order. You might not be able to win them all but you can win some of them back and keep them engaged. That’s where automation comes in to keep you on their radar until they’re ready to buy. This is an area we excel. We can reengage the ones that got away.


Re-engage leads.


Upsell to current customers.

It’s a great way to create a buzz for new products or services or additional ones you can upsell to your existing customers. With carefully crafted copy and a process to match, marketing automation can make this approach a breeze. Implementation of marketing automation, doesn’t have to be a difficult process, lean on our team and we’ll get you there.

It’s tricky to automate content marketing as it’s a creative process. A.I. and machine learning aren’t quite there yet but they can be useful in inbound marketing. AI copywriting does exist but it’s very hit and miss. 

Instead of that, we can automate the idea generation process, blog outlines, track your competition in both search engines and social media marketing channels and find opportunities that you might have missed. We’ll arm you with the tools you need to outperform your competitors.

This process is automated with a range of monitoring tools that we use in collaboration with one another with sequences of triggers and tasks. It sounds like a lot of hard work, it would take months to do it manually. Make your life easier, get in touch today.

Get automated.

As a marketing automation agency, it’s our job and goal to make your life easier and help you generate sales leads. Whether you’re a B2B or B2C marketing department, we’ll make your marketing campaigns run on autopilot, at least to a sensible degree. 

Our own online marketing efforts are automated and our in-house marketing team is incredibly efficient because of it. 

That’s what we’ll do for you, making the most of your time, costs and marketing budgets and pushing you towards your potential. It sounds like something you dreamed up but it’s only a button click away. Get in touch today and we’ll be able to find out if we can work together.

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