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A product launch agency.

When you’re creating a new product or launching a brand or service, it can be difficult to know what to do to get the word out. It could crash and burn and end up in the graveyard of ideas you’ve built over the years (like banana guards, taco tape and kitten mittens.) Truth is, ideas crash and burn all the time. So long as you understand the market, use it to drive development and identify the correct audience for your products, it should be okay, shouldn’t it?

The next furby.

Unfortunately, that’s still not always the case. Some ideas, like Furbies, go against the odds and somehow, those little nightmare bears still plagued our Christmas celebrations. It’s a curious thing, developing products and some of the strangest ideas make a fortune, while other more logical ones, never see the light of day. We approach your ideas with an open mind and aim for the sky. 

To the moon.

So how do you know what will work? You don’t. You just have to give it the best chance of being a success with careful planning, appropriate budgets and an understanding of the best marketing strategies to place your idea, in front of the right people. We have our own purpose built process that will give you a deep understanding of your customers and the actions we can take to drive revenue.

Sales-focussed product launch services.

After years of experience as a product launch agency, our launch services come in 2 different forms, both with different benefits and amounts of work involved. 


Outsourced partnerships.

We work with you to develop and refine your go-to-market strategy as part of an ongoing, hands-on project where we’ll handle some elements of delivery as well as the overarching strategy. We can fully manage your marketing efforts from advertising, content creation, launch calendar, social media and anything else that’s needed. 


Product launch consultancy.

We’ll use and access your service and give you guidance based on our experience and deep market research. We’ll develop a strategy document with a great amount of detail about your ideal customer, your competitors and how you’ll stand out in the market. We’ll also cover operational productivity and performance, messaging, from value propositions through to communications strategies, targets, tactics and more.

We’ll work with you to make sure your product is in front of your target audience, whether that’s through leveraging advertising spend, a variety of launch strategies including direct marketing, product innovation, television advertising, optimised product listings on marketplaces, public relations campaigns….the sky’s the limit. We’ll make sure that your product is in front of the right people and has the best chance to achieve your ambitions whatever stage you’re at.


Product launch campaigns.

 Product launch marketing takes more than a fancy box and a lot of cash, doing it wrong is a great way to burn through budgets, like the Wolf of Wall Street. Instead, we propose an intelligent launch with optimised budgets with a clear definition of your customer personas and how you can win them over. We’ll build a feedback process into your services so you can keep on top of product development. Your customers will keep you well informed, they’re your best source of information to lead you to success.



Successful product launch angles.

A use case, a need, something specific that your customers desire and it’s delivered in a way that makes sense. It can differ between customer personas but both of these feature as part of the process. An effective customer profile is fundamental before any launch campaigns take place.

Content for customer success.

It’s not enough to launch without enabling your customers. Imagine putting together flat-packed furniture without any instructions, or worse, poorly written ones that confuse you so badly you just end up with a pile of parts and frayed screws. We want your customers to be successful, it keeps them coming back and builds loyalty.

Customer identities.

Time after time companies make the same mistake of not really understanding who their customers are. They just assume that a solution ticks all the boxes and stick a price on it, ‘everyone could do with this.’ Successful companies are ones that take this seriously. It gives you a distinct advantage when it comes to launching. If you know who your ideal customers are, you have a good chance of working out how to access them and build a message around their needs. If you don’t know your target, how can you hit it?

Your point of sale.

Product launch marketing is nothing without a great point of sale. This can be your website and we need to make sure it’s functioning as it should and all the correct information is displayed on the platform, when they need it. We’ll go over the finer details to make sure everything is in place for your launch event or repositioning.

Campaign launch events.

This doesn’t haven’t to be party, it can just be a day in the calendar where everything comes together with a refined product offering and effective communications. With sources of feedback in place you’ll be primed for continuous improvement and an advertising strategy that hits home with the right people, in the right industries, companies or demographics, at the right time.

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