Public relations agency.


Public relations.

Sometimes, people think that PR is purchasing space in magazines and media but that couldn’t be further from the truth. Those are called ‘advertorials,’ and it’s not an approach that we’d use ourselves. 

The greatest stories.

Instead, we offer an intelligent and careful process to organic outreach, placing you in the best media outlets possible, getting eyes on your business and increasing brand awareness. We’ll take your stories, add some magic and distribute them to journalists. We’ll tell your amazing stories in a way that will have the greatest impact.

Outstanding content.

You might not think that you have any interesting stories to tell, what happens at your company, day to day is normal to you. That’s okay, we don’t expect you to do the story telling, we’re here to craft that content for you and have a very positive impact on your communications. 

The best advertising.

Public relations is one of the best forms of advertising. We call it ‘the king of brand awareness’ for good reason. Let’s shine the spotlight onto you and your business and give you the best chance to grow.

Digital PR agency.

How it works.

Using our existing relationships with journalists and our understanding of what they’re looking for, we’ll get you placed in the media. We also have a reactive approach where media outlets get in touch with our team, looking for experts in certain fields willing to give insight in topics. 

We’ll create the best stories that resonate in a way that has an impact. We waste no time and give you the best chance of a media feature.

Benefits include increase brand awareness, positioning your company as a leader in your industry, backlinks to your website to improve your SEO efforts and some impressive content to share on social media. 

If there was one channel worth focusing on, we’d say it was public relations as it gives you content to share on other channels. On top of all of this, we’ll also help you improve your internal communications process as this is where the best stories are found.

Who we work with.

Forward thinkers.

In terms of PR and media communications, we can work with most individuals and businesses. From individual entrepreneurs wanting to accelerate their personal brand to companies hoping to develop their positions in their markets. Our strategy is built around you and your goals. Our purpose is to help you meet them.

We mostly work with a range of industry brands from ecommerce firms, entrepreneurs, SaaS and technology companies and the healthcare, educational and medical spaces. If you don’t happen to fall into any of those categories but you’re an ambitious individual or business, it’s still worth a conversation as we can supercharge your communications strategy, getting the most from your marketing campaigns.

a photo of many scroll pages to represent content marketing

PR is a big part of our content marketing services, it’s one of the most important channels, letting established media brands showcase you to their massive audiences.

The benefits are obvious, we’ll help you get ahead of your competition and win more customers. 

Social media marketing.

It’s a fundamental part of any social media marketing strategy. If you want more page likes and followers then PR will blow up your efforts and provide you with amazing, engaging content to post.

We offer social media management as a full service digital marketing agency, so you can lean on our team to help your business grow on that channel too. Let’s make a success of your social media strategy.

A photo of an ancient torch to represent the spotlight of public relations.

A PR and marketing agency.

You might be wondering what the difference is between public relations services and other marketing services. Well, public relations is a marketing channel that can add some rocket fuel to your business growth. 

Our clients have featured everywhere from national news to smaller CEO blogs with a much tighter target market. Both are very beneficial and our team is here to guide you through, every step of the way, making the most of the exposure.

Public relations.

The limelight.

PR is great for a lot of reasons, not only is your name up in lights but you’re also winning more business than ever, growing at a great rate. There’s another reason that PR is important and that’s reputation management.

Managing crises.

If something goes wrong or we can help to manage the situation through strategic content and carefully controlled responses. We call this approach crisis communications or crisis management. It’s a very sensitive area of business, alongside managing the situation, we can also monitor it closely with intelligence technology.

Impeccable timing.

It depends on many factors and nobody can force a journalist to print your story. Some of the companies we work with have 50+ stories printed a month across many media outlets while others have a more targeted goal and aim for specific areas of the market. It’s best to view PR as a long term effort as once you start building momentum, it can become very exciting and have a dramatic impact on your business.

Get started with public relations.

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