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We’re a B2B technology marketing agency and with any luck, you’ve landed on this page because you’re either in the marketing department of an existing tech business, you’re the business owner or you’re looking to start a new company and need some help with B2B tech marketing.

Beta to launch.

Over the past year, we’ve worked with over 60 companies in the SaaS space to get them ready for launch on the world’s biggest start-up tech marketplaces. This involves user experience, market analysis including competition, your target prospects and a roadmap. On top of that, we can build or implement marketing and communication strategies to drive as much business as possible.

Technical experts.

Our managing director, Christopher-Robin Lamont has over a decade of working with tech firms, studying up to doctoral level in organisation psychology and human computer interaction. The companies range from information security and data governance to CRM and mar-tech platforms but include everything in between. This is very familiar turf and we can get results.

Qualified leads.

Who we work with.

The technology companies that we work with span digital areas like software as a service (SaaS) and real world tech like payment machines, fintech and electronics. The technology industry is wide and diverse but the goal is often very similar; to communicate a complicated or novel idea to people who neither understand why they might need it or what the real benefits are to them and then convert them to paying clients.

Usually you’d either have funding in place, VC backed is always good or alternatively, you’ll have a great base of revenue that we can help you build on. At each stage of the service, we examine the approach, conversion rates and customer churn and analyse user experience. This allows for a deeper understanding of your business and is a fundamental step to developing brands. We’re here to help you get results.

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Inbound marketing.

We deliver technology SEO services. It’s something we’re very good at and where we’ve seen a lot of success for our customers. Content is valuable when it’s well written with your audience in mind. Your content will appear in search engines when your potential customers are look. 

Alongside content marketing, we’d usually look at advertising strategies too as it pairs well with content marketing efforts, a bit like cheese and wine. Ranking in search engines requires great websites that meet Google’s (and Yahoo and Bing too) expectations. This can lead to a great flow of inbound leads to keep your sales team happy. Our team of marketing geniuses will devise an inbound marketing strategy to take your business up a gear.

Outbound marketing strategies.

Alongside inbound efforts are outbound marketing strategies. This usually includes calling and email marketing to introduce your business to new prospects. It’s great because it can shortcut the waiting time involved in content distribution, you don’t rank in search engines overnight.

Usually we’d run outbound with an account-based marketing approach alongside inbound lead generation efforts. This means carefully picking the targets by role and industry, so they’re the most likely people to have a use for your services. We’ll land directly in their inbox with a message that hits home, not as weAreMonumental but as a part of your company.


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Getting started.

Technology marketing services.

Book in a call with the button at the bottom of this section and include all the details you feel are relevant, including your website and goals so we can understand exactly what it is you’re trying to achieve. Whether it’s an initial project or a longer-term partnership, we’re happy to be of service and our marketing team is here to get the results you’re looking for.

If we don’t think there’s a chance of delivering a great service with our marketing expertise, we won’t waste your time or ours.

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